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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Business Transformation is Both Strategic and Tactical

The current economic climate has spurred many organizations to assess their own strategic weaknesses while also identifying competitive market opportunities. This is leading to an increase in business transformation activities. By its nature, business transformation is strategic, but it is also tactical. In other words, business transformation can only be successful when it is linked to tactical organizational change management processes.

If your organization is going to engage in large scale, complex organizational change that involves multiple work streams, you will not achieve your business change objectives without a structured, tactical process that can be applied across these multiple projects. Business transformation programs typically involve projects with significant interdependencies, and must be managed on an enterprisewide basis. At the same time, it is extremely useful to have a robust, systematic organizational change management methodology (like AIM—the Accelerated Implementation Methodology) that can be applied through all phases of the programmatic lifecycle.

Remember that it isn’t sufficient to just install business transformation changes—these changes need to be implemented through to behavior change and behavior adoption if the organization is going to achieve project return on investment. Business transformation initiatives that focus solely on business and technical objectives, but ignore the human objectives, will fall short. You’ll pay for this in resistance to the business transformation changes that will slow you down or even cause failure.

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