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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Intersection of Change Management and Project Management

We've found that there are lots of organizations that "get it" when we talk about how change management and project management need to be integrated as part of a project plan to get to value realization for projects. The truth is, though, that this is not yet a common practice-- at least not to the degree that we are talking about. We'll be doing a complimentary webinar on July 21 on the Intersection of Change Management and Project Management to talk more about this important subject if you are looking to accelerate value realization for your projects. The webinar will be led by Judd Andres, one of IMA's Senior Consultants. Judd brings expertise on both sides of the equation-- he is a PMP and an AIMaster.

For too long, project managers have been solely focused on achieving the technical milestones for organizational change projects-- time and budget. These are very important, it's true, but the end game is really value realization for projects that can only be achieved by behavior change. In every organizational change project, there is something that people need to be doing differently. There has been a huge price to pay when it comes to value realization for projects when the human elements are not managed to the same degree and with the same discipline as the time and budget. While organizational change projects may not be out and out failures, the value realization hasn't been there either. Bottom line-- there is a need to do something differently if you want a different outcome. Blended Project Management is most definitely part of the solution for getting to value realization for projects. Listen to what Judd has to say and you'll see what the intersection of change management and project management is all about.

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