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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Change Management Training is Essential to Implementing Projects.

How many projects are being worked on right now in your organization? We find that one of the biggest problems in organizations today is that there is just too much going on, with too little focus, and too few resources. There is lots of activity, but the results don't match up-- there are far too many stalled projects and implementation failures.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective fixes is to prioritize these projects and ensure that attention is paid to the human elements through a structured implementation framework, along with change management training for sponsors and change agents. We never cease to be amazed by organizations that will spend millions on business transformation, mergers & acquisitions, culture change, and other types of innovation, but fail to invest in the people responsible for business strategy execution. Change management training is essentially a rounding error in the costs of these strategic initiatives, and there is so much to be gained, even if all you do is invest in educating sponsors, because sponsors are responsible for 30-50% of the implementation's success.

It's even more powerful if the change management training is integrated into a methodology of tools, tactics, vocabulary, and a common change management process. We aren't talking about theoretical concepts; this change management training must be practical and business-driven. Change management training should be consistent across the enterprise, especially if implementation speed is important.

Let's look at one example: business transformation. It's a common strategic imperative and a key element of company turnaround efforts. Business transformation might include process change driven by Six Sigma or Lean, and may well include new technology. But what about the people aspects of business transformation. How can you speed adoption of process changes and new technology? There are proven strategies and tactics that can be taught in a change management training program that ideally is part of the project implementation process itself.

We are firm believers that AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology) is the the best implementation framework for the human elements of change. Our change management training supports the framework, and includes measurement diagnostics, tools, strategies and tactics-- all very practical and business-driven. Choose AIM or look around at what is available, and choose one methodology that is integrated with change management training. It's a simple and cost-effective way to dramatically increase the likelihood of implementation success.

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